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As a professional dentist in Flushing NY, we provide a wide array of services to our patients. We strive to deliver our services in a family-friendly environment using the best techniques so that we remain as the go to dentist in Flushing NY. Proper dental health is important for our general well being. Even though poor dental health is a medical challenge, it has far reaching negative social effects that if not tamed in time can end up affecting our self esteem and our impression on others. Below are some of the services we offer:

General Dentistry

Our general dentistry encompasses a number of services that are meant to help patients have proper dental health. Some of the general dentistry services are prosthodontics, crowns and bridges, dental hygiene, dentures, root canals, and fillings. For those who have stable and proper oral health, it’s advisable to visit the dentist on a regular basis for general dentistry services in order to avoid possibilities of dental complications. Where specialized dentistry services are needed to address a given problem, our dentist will share with you the available options whether implant or cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to individuals who need regular or emergency dental care from a dentist in Flushing NY. A few of the cosmetic dentistry services that we offer are porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, periodontal treatment, Invisalign, and Korbleaching. Cosmetic dentistry is more about the appearance and proper functioning of teeth. It makes it possible for patients with crooked smiles, chipped teeth, or tooth decay regain stable dental health while at the same time making their smiles more radiant.

Dental Implants Flushing

Teeth loss is quite a bad and embarrassing experience. Besides messing up one’s appearance, it also has a number of medical risks. These include accelerated bone loss, increased workload for adjacent teeth, and the possibility of the gap being a breeding place for bacteria. Implant dentistry has made it possible to replace such lost teeth in a more aesthetic and functional way. Dental implants give patients a reason to smile and chew food properly again. Our focus is to ensure that our patients have optimum dental health and a beautiful smile. Our dentists are two of the leading dentists in Flushing are and in New York in general. If you need a dentist in Flushing, NY call us or visit our offices and we will offer you the best service you can find.