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Dentistry During Pregnancy by your Dentist in Flushing, NY Dr. Peter Rumack, DDS on 12 Aug 2015

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A study that was published in the August issue of the ADA Journal reported that it is safe for pregnant women111 to have dental procedures performed with local anesthetics.

According to author Aharon Hagai, DMD, “The results do not support that such exposures should be a source for concern to the pregnant women or their attending physicians, who should recommend that pregnant women continue their important routine dental treatment.”

Although it has been considered safe to perform dentistry in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, this study indicates that even in the first trimester, there is no evidence that local anesthetics cause any increase birth defects or impact fetal health.

A study published in the Journal of Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry, 2012, linked periodontal disease (gum disease) to complications in pregnancy.

Pregnancy creates special oral health concerns. The changes in hormones typically affect the gums in pregnant women. The gums are particularly sensitive to plaque that forms on the teeth and will often cause the gums to enlarge and bleed. This condition is known as “pregnancy gingivitis.” Good oral hygiene and a dental cleaning from your dentist in Flushing, NY will minimize this problem.

It is also desirable that pregnant women have their teeth checked for cavities and dental infections. It is certainly better to have a minor dental treatment than to let a cavity or broken tooth develop into an extraction, root canal treatment necessitating a course of antibiotics.

Bottom line: A healthy mouth is important for a healthy pregnancy!

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