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Meet Our General Dentistry Queens Staff


Millie Gramsch, Office Manager

Millie Gramsch is one reason why we have reliable general dentistry Queens services. To function properly as a dentist in Queens, one must have a competent office manager, and that’s what we have in Millie. She has worked in the office since 1977, originally working as a dental assistant to Dr. Peter’s father, Dr. Irving Rumack. Two years later, Millie graduated from the NY School of Mechanical Dentistry. Thus Millie is also qualified to work as a Laboratory Technician.

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In 1980 her son, Robert was born, at which time she took a 5 year leave of absence. Since 1986 when Dr. Irving Rumack retired, she has been working for Dr. Peter Rumack.

“This office is not just my place of employment, it is like my second home and our patients are an extended family,” says Millie.

Millie’s history with the facility has given her a deep understanding of the system and the progresses made so far. This is right from communications, transactions, policies, among many other things. What that does to a patient is making the engagement easier. Well, it’s not far-fetched to say that Millie knows so many of our patients by name.

Her educational background also makes her undeniably relevant to our facility, something that has made it easier for her deliver at all times.



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Diane Kaufhold, Dental Assistant

Diane is our Dental Assistant, a role she has played diligently to make us a Queens dentist known for efficiency and compassion. She has been working in dentistry for over 12 years. Diane is dedicated to helping our patients attain their treatment plan goals with minimal stress and anxiety. Her mission is to help our patients have the most comfortable dental experience during every visit, something she has demonstrated throughout our experience with her.

Her experience has put her in a unique position to make the works of the dentists easier, more organized, and systematic. Diane’s personal and professional ability to handle patients with dignity has made our facility a household name. She works cooperatively with the other staff members to make the facility friendly for all family members.

Whenever you visit our facility for dental services or for a consultation with a Flushing dentist, you can always be sure that you will get the best service right from the reception until such a time that the service is fully completed.


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