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Root Canal 101: Tips from the Leading Dentist in Queens Dr. Peter Rumack, DDS on 22 May 2015

You may need to see a dentist in Queens to provide you with root canal, so you carry out a bit of research to get the best one for the service. Whether you choose an emergency dentist Queens or a regular one, the bottom line should be getting a dentist with a good track record.

When your tooth or teeth are extremely decayed or infected by bacteria, it’s important to go for immediate treatment. That could be your only chance to save your teeth; otherwise they may have to be removed. Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, is a dental procedure that involves treating of the center of the tooth called the root canal system.

A tooth consists of different parts, namely, the enamel, dentine, cementum, and dental pulp. It’s the root canal system that hosts the dental pulp. Infection can reach the dental pulp if you have leaky fillings, damage to the tooth, or tooth decay. Often the problem is caused by lack of proper dental hygiene, leading to the high rate of dental diseases.

You can visit Dr. Peter Rumack, the most trusted dentist in Queens NY for a dental exam in case you feel something is wrong with your tooth. There are several dental diseases that are never detected unless a thorough dental exam is carried out by a qualified dentist.

If an infection is found in the root canal, the treatment can either be the removal of the infected material in the pulp chamber of the tooth or extraction of the tooth. Most patients prefer to treat and save the tooth. However that’s only practical where the structure of the tooth hasn’t been badly damaged.

Once the canals are cleaned, the root canal will be filled with a rubber like material called gutta percha and special cement before restorint it using a crown or filling. The end result is a healthy tooth that can last many more years.

You can call Dr. Rumack, the leading dentist in Queens to carry out an exam and recommend either tooth extraction or root canal treatment.

Dr. Peter Rumack, DDS

Dr. Peter Rumack, DDS

is a trained and experienced Queens dentist who has been delivering cosmetic, implant and functional solutions to patients for over 25 years. His mastery of the art had made him a sought after Queens dentist for even the most challenging dental situations. His commitment to “doing it right” and ability to “handle just about anything” has won him the admiration of both patients and doctors.
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Dr. Peter Rumack, DDS