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The Perio Protect Method® Dr. Peter Rumack, DDS on 25 Apr 2015

Scientific studies connecting your oral health and your overall health have been making headlines in recent years. The research links gums disease to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, strokes, respiratory diseases, and complications in pregnancy. Gum disease is also the most common cause of bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gums, loss of bone supporting the teeth and eventually the loss of teeth. If you have any of these symptoms of gum disease, please take them seriously:

Millions of Americans have these symptoms, but, because the signs are easy to ignore, many are not getting the treatment they need. Early treatment is crucial so I am happy to announce that my office offers the Perio Protect Method®.

The Perio Protect Method® includes a non-invasive prescription dental tray to place medication into periodontal pockets, the space between teeth and gum tissue where disease-causing bacteria grow. The prescription tray is custom-made for your mouth by a dental laboratory to hold medication in periodontal pockets and prevent the medication from being quickly washed away. We will prescribe the appropriate medication for your condition, along with an individualized treatment plan. The first two weeks of treatment require more frequent applications of the medication. As healing occurs, we will modify usage instructions until you are ready to follow a simple maintenance regime. For most people, treatment requires only minutes each day.

This technique is designed to be used with brushing and flossing and can be combined with other treatments like professional deep cleanings when necessary. The purpose of the Perio Protect Method® is to decrease, whenever possible, the need for invasive procedures.

Patients who follow the Method describe the tray delivery of medications as comfortable and report positive side effects of fresher breath and whiter teeth.

Now is the time for you to take control of your smile and your health. Phone us for an appointment to see how we may best serve you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Dr. Peter Rumack, DDS

Dr. Peter Rumack, DDS

is a trained and experienced Queens dentist who has been delivering cosmetic, implant and functional solutions to patients for over 25 years. His mastery of the art had made him a sought after Queens dentist for even the most challenging dental situations. His commitment to “doing it right” and ability to “handle just about anything” has won him the admiration of both patients and doctors.
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